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We at IELTS Lingo have developed a special expert course plan so that you score the maximum in your IELTS exams. We are the Top in IELTS Coaching Institute in Patiala for the past many years with most competitive IELTS Fees.

IELTS is the most popular English language proficiency test designed for non-native English speakers to assess their language skills. It is the most popular English Proficiency test in the world with more than 3 million test-takers annually.

Scores of your IELTS exam are accepted by most of the universities in the world, especially in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and The United States. IELTS is a major academic prerequisite that opens doors to international education. According to experts, the best way to ace the IELTS test is by thorough preparation and attempting an IELTS sample paper.

How It Work?


The IELTS Reading Test has a time span of 1 hour. However, the test for both General and Academic modules would be different i.e. in terms of Language. Also, the test for candidates of General Module will be easy while the candidates for the Academic Modules would be a little complicated.

Test Pattern: The Academic Module will consist of three passages while the General Module IELTS Reading test will have five passages. However, the number of questions will remain the same for both the modules i.e. 40.Although the reading passage subjects are different but each one of it is of academic nature.

At times, a candidate feels a little hesitated and panic when they are unaware of the topic. It is important to note that every answer you give should be attempted in text form. You need not have to be any particular domain knowledge in order to answer. The test is only conducted to judge candidate’s reading comprehension ability and with good coaching you are sure to get good grades.

Various kinds of IELTS Reading :
Check out the different kind of question given in the section of IELTS reading test, which a candidate will have to face in both the Modules:

  • Paragraph with headings
  • Short Answers
  • Completion of sentences
  • Having multiple choices
  • Flowcharts, Diagrams, Tables, and its conclusion
  • Matching Multiples
  • Completion of summary
  • Locating the data
  • Locating the author’s views
  • Paragraphs classification

IELTS Reading Time Limit

In order to cope up with the time given during the IELTS reading test is to manage your time well. Many times, it is seen that candidates score low during their test is because they stick to a particular part/ section and therefore, fail to finish the test in the given time. It is utmost important to complete your test, as it will help you in score good in a particular module.

Candidates also waste their time in solving the question they don’t know. It is advisable to move to the next question in case you don’t know the question. Instead, you can better answer the questions that are easy to attempt.
Good Luck!


IELTS Writing Time Duration
The IELTS Writing test consists of two tasks and the total time alloted is 60 minutes. But if you are thinking of spending 30 minutes on each point, then you will be making the biggest mistake of your exam. For task 1, you need to write atleast 150 words and for point 2 , you need to write at least 250 words. Thus, the smart decision will be to spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes.

Note: The above mentioned word limit is minimum. So, you can write beyond the mentioned word limit.

IELTS Academic Writing Test
In IELTS Academic test , the format of writing should be formal .

1: In task 1, you will be given a diagrammatical representation, either a graph, diagram or a chart, which you are supposed to study , understand and then pen down your report on the paper with proper vocabulary. All the data will be given in the figure and no prior information is required. You just need to write, what you understood in an effective wording.

 2:In this task you will be given a topic about which you have to raise your personal opinion. The purpose of this task is to check how effectively you can pen down your thoughts using vocabulary and without any grammatical mistake.

IELTS General Training Writing test
In the General Training (GT module) Writing Test of IELTS, you are expected to complete both these task in a non- formal way.

With good writing in our course in IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh we train our students to perform excellent in writing skill


The IELTS listening test is conducted to analyse the ability of the student to listen English language, to process it and answer the questions given in the task on the basis of their listening ability. The candidate are given headphones on which the recordings is played only once.

Test comprises of 4 sections each having 10 questions. In total, there will be 40 questions and at the end of each part, you will get time to go through your answers. You will also get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test.

The difficulty level keeps on increasing with each section. Section A simply involves a teleponic conversation between two people from which very basic things are asked. Section B is a monologue about a person, a place or any other object. Section C and D involves some academic conversation.

IELTS Listening is conducted in four different sections that focus on various kinds of speech. The details of each section are given below :

Section 1: A telephonic conversation between two people from which very basic questions are asked.
Section 2: This section consists of a monologue with a precise speech on any general topic.
Section 3: This section consists of a conversation between 2-4 speakers on any of the educational or training subject
Section 4:This section consist of a monologue in which a person will talk on any general subject of your interest

This test will finally judge you on the basis of how attentively you understand and listen the specific recording and get its basic idea, information, opinion and facts. There are several kinds of questions that can be asked in the exam such as:

  • Questions with multiple choice
  • Answer in brief questions
  • Completion of Sentences
  • Completion of flowchart/diagram/Notes and table
  • Matching multiples
  • Grouping


The fourth point of the IELTS Exam is the IELTS Speaking test which is in a form of a personal interview (PI), in which the examiner ask some very basic questions. The candidate has to answer the questions frequently using proper grammar and effective vocabulary. It is a test based on your basic British Spoken English skills.

All the other tests , writing, reading and listening are conducted in one day while the speaking module is conducted on a separate day. It is possibly conducted within a period of 7 days of the other 3 tests. The exam is conducted in face to face manner where the interviewer judge the candidate’s fluency, confidence, and the comfort level. Just like the other tasks, in this task your knowledge doesn’t matter.

This point is just to evaluate how effectively and correctly you express your thoughts in Spoken English language. Just before starting the interview , the examiner will tell you that the conversation is being recorded for evaluation purpose.
This test lasts for around 15 minutes.

The three main factors that the candidate should keep in mind during his IELTS Speaking test are :

  • Table his/her opinions, ideas and knowledge on general topics
  • Just speak up on allotted topic for the given time
  • Be logical. Manage your thoughts and opinion accordingly
  • Justify your viewpoints that you are trying to convey. Make it clear and precise.
We put extra effort in your IELTS coaching in Chandigarh classes for your speaking sessions as this is where we see students are the most weak so we have group discussions, speaking practiese classes to fine tune your skills.

The IELTS Speaking test consists of 3 parts which are as follows:-

Part 2:- Individual long turn

Part 1
Intro and Personal interview
5 minsIn the first part of the interview, the examiner will ask candidate’s basic introduction , his likes and dislikes. The examiner can also ask about the culture and tradition that the student believes in.
5 minsIn this part, the examiner give a Cue Card to the candidate with a topic heading written on it. The candidate is given 1 minute to write down the pointers related to it. At last, he is asked to speak up on the topic for 2 minutes.In this part, the examiner give a Cue Card to the candidate with a topic heading written on it.The candidate will be given 1 minute to write down the pointers related to it. At last, he will be asked to speak up on the topic for 2 minutes.
Part 3
2-way discussion
5 minsThe final part is believed to be the most difficult one. In this part, the examiner will ask questions on the topic that was allotted in the cue card.

Duration & Fees

Five Months, Five days a week (except during national holidays)
3-4 hours per day.

Fee Structure –

The payment schedule is devised according to the flexibility of students. Students can pay fee in single instalment, two or three or monthly basis as per convenience and pocket of students.

Feel free to visit to the Academy for Counseling in Chandigarh. We are giving guidance to the students for free of cost related to their career. Thank you.

Why Learn From IELTS Lingo in Patiala

We have a proven track record of Best IELTS Coaching institute in Patiala & Chandigarh with our students scoring 7+ bands in IELTS exams.

IELTS score is based on 0-9 bands. Each paper of IELTS weighs 9 bands. The individual scores of each paper are rounded up to a final score. If the average of the four sections ends in .25, the overall band score is rounded up to the next half band, and if it ends in .75, the overall band score is rounded up to the next whole band. 

  • Applicant must be at least 16 years of Age.
  • Should have a valid Passport.
  • The candidate can take the IELTS exam any number of times, but registration fee should be paid for each attempt.
  • Score is valid for 2 years.

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