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Spoken English

Best Spoken English Coaching in Chandigarh

In todays world ie. in education or job or in one’s field by someone who has a good grasp of the language. The ability to communicate in English has become essential in today’s world, whether in engineering, medicine, business, or any other sector.

In order to provide students with a step-by-step but effective knowledge of the language and enable them to prove themselves in every sphere of life, We has designed our Speaking courses according to their levels, taking into account the importance and ever-increasing demand of the language in today’s world.

  • Improve accuracy in Grammar
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Develop reading skills
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Art of Conversation
  • Audio sessions for effective listening
  • Communication in English in day to day situations In todays world

Our course provides the students with the absolute basic level knowledge of the English Language. Here the students are taught the basic sound of the letters and framing the words and sentences thereby using basic grammar rules.

This course is also a steping stone to students who want to take best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh

They are taught how to use ‘every day basic vocabulary’ in framing the sentences correctly. This level also provides them with the basic practice of speaking by making them speak small sentences based on day to day conversations.

Word building

(People often facing problems with spelling or reading are guided to pick up and familiarize with the general words)


(Training the right sounds and correcting the pronunciation)

Sentence framing

(Teaching the basic nuts and bolts in order to frame accurate sentences)

Everyday conversational vocabulary

(Drilling of frequently used words with the realistic examples help you pick the language )

General spoken English sentences

(Practising the words, phonetics along with framing sentences in daily conversational style)

Why Learn From IELTS Lingo

The IELTS score is based on 0-9 bands. Each paper of IELTS weighs 9 bands. The individual scores of each paper are rounded up to a final score. If the average of the four sections ends in .25, the overall band score is rounded up to the next half band, and if it ends in .75, the overall band score is rounded up to the next whole band.

  • Candidate must be at least 16 years of Age.
  • Should have a valid Passport.
  • The candidate can take the IELTS exam any number of times, but registration fee should be paid for each attempt.
  • Score is valid for 2 years.

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